How does AI impact


This project is a collaboration of 3 artists with AI: Paul Roberts, a 3D artist, whose paper on AI and hauntology inspired this project, Ksenia Kopalova, a researcher-illustrator, and Petlya, a rap artist. The AI side of the collaboration includes ChatGPT and StableDiffusion.

Paul used StableDiffusion to generate a series of interiors, distinctive in their AI-specific glitches. Ksenia described these interiors to ChatGPT, which spontaneously came up with a character called Echo, who inhabits them. Echo writes and draws a diary, where they try to figure out the story of these spaces, and Ksenia renders their diary drawings. Then Petlya writes rap lyrics based on Ksenia's drawings, which are read by text to human-like voiceover synthesisers, while ChatGPT writes rap lyrics that are read by humans.